What’s in a name

18 07 2008

I’ve decided to change my business name to Marieke B as I feel Kaleidoscope Images doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily. Besides I don’t think I’ll ever run the risk of growing tired of my own name.
So go here for the new blog. (still under construction)
I have incorporated this one in to the new blog.


Sweet Beth

7 07 2008

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Beth just over a week ago. She was such a cutie! And a really good sport too. She arrived around the time that she normally goes down for a nap and she was teething to boot but she took it all in her stride and I got some wonderful personality shots. In a lot of the photos she’s trying out her new top teeth for size and grinding her top and bottom teeth together. Her parents told me this is her latest favourite activity…

The light was challenging for this session but we managed as best we could. I cannot wait to shoot her again, hopefully soon, in her own environment. Here’s a little peek of  this gorgeous girl!


and….. we’re off!

4 07 2008

Getting ready to make the jump.

This is where I’ll post sneak peeks for my portfolio building clients from now on.

The blog will probably be a work in progress while I figure out a way to customize it a bit so please be patient while I make this ‘my own’.